Do you ever feel like life is too much sometimes? Many of us juggle work, school, friends, relationships, our own thoughts and more. It’s easy to fall into the habit of forgetting to take time for yourself, and that’s something I’m working on in 2018. ‘Self-care’ is a way to focus on you.

After quite a few months of stress at work, travelling (as great as it is, can leave you needing a second holiday to recover), and other things, I wasn’t feeling great. So I decided to have an afternoon for myself.

For me, a bit of pampering works wonders as it gives my brain a chance to switch off. This includes getting my nails done, having regular candle lit baths and spending time venting with one of my best friends.

This week I chose to head to Valletta, a place I love, to get a combo mani-pedi, and have a couple of hours to myself. I really like Roseberry, so that’s where I chose to go. I’ve been before and I’m always treated so well. There’s something about essential oils and the smell of quality skincare that I find really relaxing.

After my session, I met a friend for a catch-up. We had an early dinner at Kingsway, with our favourite Raspberry cocktail and a couple of menu specials. I must say the staff is so accommodating. As I don’t eat gluten or lactose and the daily salads were finished, they made me an off-menu chicken salad that was really nice. 5-star service! My friend’s gnocchi smelled ridiculously good and she also gave the seal of approval.

I got home that evening feeling great. I might just have to do it again next month!