Usually I’m not one to have any new year resolutions, mainly because I never stick to them … or barely make it past mid-January. This time I’m going to REALLY try my best to at least keep the below in mind and hopefully ease myself into incorporating them into my routine.

Learn something new

Do you find yourself scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, when a super satisfying calligraphy video pops up and you wish you could do that? Well that’s something I want to act on. Watercolour painting, scrap booking; something soothing and fun. Netfix and baking can’t be my only hobbies.

Improve my fitness

Yes, this one’s probably on everyone’s list. I had some success last year, but after about four months I fell back into my lazy habits. What I want to attempt is to incorporate more physical activity into my everyday life. This could be hiking on a Sunday, doing 50 squats a day, taking the stairs. Anything. With my sedentary lifestyle and office job, I HAVE to.

Be nicer to myself

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I’m my own worst critic. I also tend to be quite a pessimist, so I need to make a conscious effort to be more positive and see the glass half full.

Make better food choices

The little things like brown over white bread, olive oil instead of butter, lactose free instead of stomach-ache inducing dairy (but worth it), salad over chips … more water! These should be simple things, except the chips, to do that would ideally become a natural choice.

Reconnect with old friends

It’s funny how one year you could be so close to someone and the next year they disappear. As I get older, I find myself with less people around me; I attribute this to busy schedules and being at different places in life. Your twenties is a strange time: some people are wedding planning and popping out babies, whilst the other half are living on Tinder or making plans to spend 6 months in Asia. Whilst this is normal, it shows you who your true friends are. Those who make the effort to send a text to check in or suggest catch-up drinks are the ones you should hang on to, even if you see them every few months.