Does your skin behave different in winter versus summer? My combination skin tends to become drier in winter, resulting in my foundation clinging to dry patches. Here are some steps I take to help my skin out a bit.

Upgrade your moisturiser

If you find your skin dries out in winter, use a more intense moisturiser in your everyday routine. If you feel it’s too much, slather it on before you go to sleep.

Avoid very hot showers

It might be tempting to shower under steaming hot water on a chilly morning before work, but very hot water actually dries out your skin more. Hot water and steam open your skin’s and hair’s pores, drying out the natural oils. If you can bring yourself to do it, before leaving the shower, quickly rinse yourself with more cool water. This can also lead to your skin feeling itchy and scratchy.

If you really can’t help yourself and MUST have a steam shower, make sure to moisturise your body very well afterwards.


Dries skin can mean more rough skin, so use a gentle exfoliator more often. Always follow that up with moisturiser.

Keep drinking water

Drinking 2L a day isn’t just a summer thing. Keep your body hydrated to keep your skin as healthy as possible.

Below are some great products I’ve incorporated into my skincare routine to keep my skin looking its best!